Are you having the right conversations at the right time? What’s next after you have called all your time-sensitive web leads? Build your book of business with hyper-local insurance prospects from Cole X-Dates!  

Cole X-Dates has a 70-year history of helping small businesses grow their databases. Even better, because of our partnership with Insurance Leads Guide, you can now get access to cell phone numbers AND email addresses- each tied to a specific address or person within a subdivision or radius of an address. Within seconds, get all the contact information for everyone on the street, a subdivision, or even an entire zip code. 

Cole X-Dates efficiently helps you:

  • Efficiently prospect with confirmed homeowner policy expiration dates & Connect with “Hot Prospects” – first-year home policy renewals.
  • Prospect for multi-line, renters, or easy referral marketing.
  • Learn more about a residence, including length of residence, rental or confirmed home ownership details, family vehicles, recreational vehicle (boats and motorcycle) ownership, and more.
  • Increase your contact rates with Email Addresses, Cell Phone numbers, and Land Lines and Mailing Addresses.
  • Referral networking around your best clients.
  • Target your prospects directly on Facebook by creating a custom audience of the people you identified.

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